Safely Eliminate a Bat Problem with Bat Extermination in Fullerton

by | Mar 11, 2014 | Pest Control

One of the most damaging pests to enter your home are bats. The majority of people do not expect to find bats living in their home, but they can easily find their way in through a vent, open window or damaged roof. In the majority of situations the bats will live in the attic for a long period of time before you recognize there is a problem. The are nocturnal, so some people may hear them at night and mistake the noise for a mouse in the attic. Although bats typically do not attack humans, they can bite if they are cornered, so you should contact a company for bat extermination in Fullerton instead of attempting to remove them on your own. If you discover a bat problem in your home the first step is to contact Southern California Exterminators for removal of them.

The extermination company will typically attempt to get the bats to leave the area and install a type of netting that prevents them from returning back inside your home. In most situations the exterminating company will attempt humane removal of the bats, by deterring them away. Once they are gone, it is also uncommon for them to return to the same location, unless they have easy access in and out of the location, so If the netting that is installed by bat extermination in Fullerton is successful, the bats will find a new home. However, if there is a colony of bats living inside your home, the extermination service will have to physically remove the bats.

Unfortunately, bats create a massive amount of waste in their living area, which can pose a health risk for your family. The waste releases gases that can compromise the air quality in your home and the weight of the waste may be so extreme that it can cause a ceiling to collapse. In most situations the bat extermination company will remove the waste for you. Once the bats and the waste have been removed, it is important to closely inspect the area where they were living to make sure there is no damage to the wood and/or drywall of the rafters and ceilings in the area.


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