Common Interior Finishes for a Residential Painter Kalamazoo MI

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Home Improvement

Many people who want to carry out simple home improvement exercises for their otherwise dull homes resort to painting. Although this can be a simple DIY job, you are bound to get a magnificent paint job if you hire an experienced residential painter Kalamazoo MI. In order to help you choose the right interior finish for the home, here are some of the common ones. Visit website for more details.

Flat and Matte
In case your walls have minor blemishes and uneven spots that you need to hide, then this is the right finish for you. It is also very useful in areas that receive a lot of sunshine since it can absorb a lot of light. However, paint used for this finish can easily be removed when washing walls because it is not waterproof. This makes it ideal for guest bedrooms that do not experience a lot of activity.

Glossy finishes are bright and always look new despite any abuse that they may undergo. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and can withstand some serious scrubbing making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

The satin is a shiny finish although it does not reflect too much light like the glossy one. It also makes walls appear silky. Any dirt on such a surface is easy to spot meaning that walls need constant care to keep them clean. Achieving it takes time and requires a lot of expertise because its bright nature makes it very difficult to hide brushstrokes.

An eggshell finish is almost similar to matte except for the fact that it is more durable and easier to clean. Moreover, it can reflect a little more light than matte. It is because of its similarities to matte that it is also referred to as matte plus. It is ideal for areas that have moderate traffic such as sitting and dining rooms or even children’s rooms.

Decorative Finishes
Other than common wall finishes discussed above, some manufacturers have decorative ones that can be used for accent walls. Such paints vary greatly with some of them being able to leave a textured finish for your walls.  In order to use any of them properly, you need to look for a residential painter Kalamazoo MI who will work with your requirements to give your home that exquisite look that you desire. Visit for more details.


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