Great Optional Accessories For Your Spas In Minnesota

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

So, you have bitten the bullet and decided to invest in something everybody wants. You have purchased spas in Minnesota and now you want to make it as fun as possible for you, your family, and your friends. There are some great accessories out there that make any spas in Minnesota much more user-friendly and will be loads of fun for you, too.

One popular choice for accessories is a pillow that is designed to get wet. These are even available with suction cups so you can stick them where you want your head to go and it won’t move. These are really nice because if you want to lay back in the spa, the fiberglass shell is not very comfortable and a pillow will make all the difference. Along that same idea are cushions that can be placed onto the fiberglass benches to make them more comfortable for your guests. Although most spas in Minnesota have nicely shaped benches and are really supposed to be comfortable, having a cushion might make a big difference in how long you are willing to stay in the water and also might keep you from sliding around.

Another fun accessory that is popular and made by different manufacturers is a plastic drink tray. Sometimes this comes with plastic cups and a pitcher, too, and sometimes even floats. This is nice if you want to serve drinks in the spas in Minnesota because then the drinks can sit on the tray and it floats nicely in the middle of your guests so they can grab their drink when they want it. And of course it is not ever smart to have glass around a pool or spa because if a glass breaks it is almost impossible to clean it up and people are walking around in bear feet. Plastic can look really good, so if the appearance of glass matters to you, find a luxury tray and glass set for your spa.

Another fun accessory available for both pools and spas is different lights. These can sometimes be attached under the water and can flash different colors to the beat of the music on your sound system, or just used to light up the large pool and spa if you use them a lot at night and do not like swimming in the darkness.


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