French doors, perhaps the ultimate interior door

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Have you ever been in homes where you ask yourself, “Why is this home so bright, cheerful and inviting?” The answer is usually light and the way light is used. Light is the one element of design that cannot be accomplished with anything else, light can be manipulated so many ways.

One of the more difficult things to accomplish with natural light, which is by far the best light to work with, is to get it deep into the home. It is great when you have windows to work with but this is not always the case. There are areas in a traditional house that do not open to the outside, therefore without openings, artificial light will have to be employed.

One of the most wonderful doors, not only the appearance but the function, is interior French doors. Not every room of course can utilize French doors, there is a need for complete privacy in certain rooms but where there is no demand for privacy, French doors allow the use of light deep into the interior of the home.

A French door for those not aware is a door which features glass panes, often from the top to the bottom and from one side to the other. These are beautiful doors and one of the most popular choices for interior use. Of course, the glass panes allow light to stream through, but a French door can be closed to ward off noise without affecting its light qualities.

Even when privacy is an issue, interior French doors can still be used. Many people install a pencil pleat sheer drape on one side which is effective in blocking a view and also a beautiful window treatment. Other ways of designing in privacy is the choice of glass, frosted and smoked glass is perennial favorites for this purpose.

Interior French doors are often used in pairs; this method of installation allows the home owner to make a grand portal from one formal area to another. In many cases the double door is not used for any practical purpose other than light and formality.

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