Fire and Rain Can Cause a Flooded Basement Albany NY

by | May 20, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

For many people one of life’s greatest accomplishments is when they close the deal on a home, and are given the keys to their new life. At that moment, we envision what the rest of our future will be like inside our new home. We see ourselves making Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen with our family surrounding the dining room table, our kids in the backyard splashing in the pool or running around with the dog. We also know that it is possible that our dreams can be ruined in an instant and with that thought we are glad we have coverage to protect our dreams from being destroyed.

Unfortunately, there are things that happen to our homes we simply have no control over such as natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes. Rain storms and house fires can also bring on a lot of damage and cause our homes to have a Flooded Basement Albany NY.

If your basement is flooded due to a rainstorm or a broken water pipe, you will need to have the water removed by a professional restoration service. They have trucks fully equipped with pumps and cameras to remove the water efficiently. They also use sanitizing products that help control the bad orders from the moisture of the water and will eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria. Once the removal is completed, they use special drying equipment that flows over your furniture, carpeting and walls, which prevent them from being damaged by the water.

If you have a Flooded Basement Albany NY due to a house fire or smoke and soot damage you will also need to hire a qualified fire damage professional service that will survey the extent of your damage. They will come to your location to run a test to find out what type of smoke damage you have such as dry or wet smoke residue. Once the testing is complete they will let you know what can be restored, replaced or repaired. They will tell you how long the process will take and also protect the items that were unaffected to prevent possible damage.

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