Finding Tenant Finishes in Denver CO: How To Find The Best Service

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

With more and more homeowners wanting to downsize from their family homes, the apartment and condo market is becoming an attractive option. Empty-nesters and first-time renters flock to urban areas where apartments and condos are plentiful and everything is at a convenient distance. Although these two demographics are attracted to multi-family structures, most won’t sacrifice style and comfort for the smaller price tag and more reasonable square footage.

The first step in attracting renters to your apartment buildings is offering affordable pricing without sacrificing quality or style. Updating an existing space aids in accomplishing this step, and hiring construction companies that offer Tenant Finishes in Denver CO will allow significant updates while also streamlining the work. If you are in the market to update your existing apartment building or condo, here are a few tips on attracting renters and finding a contractor.

Quality Will Always Save You Money Long-Term

Many apartment complexes neglect major money savers when renovating an existing space. Flooring and cabinetry are the two biggest investments, but most apartments opt for cheaper materials thinking they will save money.

Many complexes replace carpet and padding with each new tenant, and while carpet is cheaper to replace in the short-term, it’s often a money pit that needs constant repair and updating. Opting for hard-surface flooring such as hardwood, wood-laminate and tile will save on upkeep costs because of its durability. Apartments that offer pet-friendly units find hard-surface flooring easier because they eliminate ‘accident’ stains and odors that can occur with carpet.

Replacing cheap cabinetry with quality wood is also a money-saver, even though the upfront cost may be a bit higher. It’s easier to repair solid wood cabinetry than pressed board or prefab units, and solid wood cabinetry looks better and is more durable, as well.

Hire Tenant Finishes in Denver CO

With any renovation, there will be permits that must be acquired, contractors to be hired and inspections to be approved before any tenant is allowed to rent a unit. Often times building owners who opt to do the work themselves quickly find out such jobs aren’t as easy as they seem. Hiring a company that specializes in tenant finishing, such as CAM Services in Colorado, is the most efficient and cost effective way to renovate your building and it cuts down on stress, as well. For more information on CAM Services, log on to Website.



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