Different Problems With Solutions Of Pavement Replacement In Overland Park

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

One of the most important things that you should always remember being a resident of Overland Park is that the asphalt in your pavement can be affected by weather. Therefore, whenever there is a bad weather condition in your area, you should try to detect the problem, and check out whether pavement replacement is required. In fact, it is very necessary for you to maintain the condition on a regular basis, while at the same time, you should also try to check out and identify the different problems, and the need for a repair or replacement. This will certainly prove to be highly effective for you.

Identifying The Different Problems That Need A Replacement

It is no doubt very essential for you to learn identifying the different problems of a pavement. Only when you are successful in identifying the problems and also the cause associated with it, it will be possible for you to fix the problem. Take a look at few of the common problems that can occur in a pavement:

*     Alligator cracking- This is a problem that often results due to the weakness in the surface structure. Often, when the base of the surface is too thin or the drainage system is poor, such a condition can occur.

*     Longitudinal cracking- These cracks are generally seen as parallel to the centerline of the pavement. Poor construction is often the cause of this problem, and pavement replacement in Overland Park is certainly required most in this case.

*     Block cracking- When the asphalt pavement shrinks mainly because of the changes in temperature and weather cycles, such a condition appears. If the cracks are too severe in this case, replacement will be required.

*     Transverse cracking- These are basically seen as single cracks and are perpendicular to the centerline of the pavement. These cracks can also be the result of poor construction or changes in temperature cycles. Thus, the cracks can be sealed so that the moisture can be prevented from entering.

*     Joint cracks- These are generally seen directly over the joints of the pavements. The layer of the cracked pavement can definitely be removed, and in some cases, overlay might also be required.

*     Slippage cracks- These can generally create tears in the layer of the surface, especially when new material has slipped over the course. This is mainly caused due to the lack of proper bonding between the different layers of the pavement. The areas that are with tears should be replaced with new patch.

There are in fact, many other problems that might require pavement replacement. Therefore, it is rightly up to you to determine the problem, and thereby check out the necessary kind of replacement that might be required in Overland Park. Consequently, you will be benefitted to a great extent. However, if you want, you can consult with a paving contractor that can rightly identify the problem, and suggest you the necessary solution, so that your pavement is back to its beauty once again. You will be surely satisfied.


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