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by | Jan 4, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

When you choose a type of stone for a surface in your house, there is a lot of work that goes into the finished product.  It is important to choose a company with the right tools and knowledge to prepare the stone pieces in the correct manner and complete the stone fabrication seamlessly.  There is nothing worse than choosing a beautiful piece for your home and then having it be ruined by a bad contractor.  You spent the time to choose a stone surface and probably even hand-picked the one you wanted. The person cutting it to the right size should be careful to ensure they do it right.

Stone fabrication is not something you can just expect to happen in an hour or two.  The stone pieces should be hand-picked either by the designer and homeowner or the contractor with the approval of the project manager for the stone installation.  There are various types of stones to include granite, limestone, marble, quartz, and even mixtures of stones in on application.  Because these are naturally occurring stone pieces, they can have imperfections but it is crucial to choose a solid piece with minimal to no imperfections.  If you can’t find one that is like that, you may need to piece together the stone you want.  Many times if there is a specific color or texture you want in a room, you may have to piece together the stone. This can be done to appear seamless with an experienced stone mason.

The art of stone fabrication can take anywhere from 7-10 days as there are steps performed to ensure the quality of the stone lasts.  The stone must be sanded and sealed after it is cut.  In order to cut the piece correctly, templates are made and depending on your edging preferences, you will need a certain size of stone.  A skilled stone company will be able to guide you through the process.  After the stone is cut, it will be sanded and polished so it is ready to be installed.  The stone can then be installed in the appropriate area.  Be prepared because sometimes on site cutting will be necessary to ensure a perfect fit.  The company you choose to perform this installation should know what they are doing and have positive reviews from customers in the past.

The stone fabrication process will allow you to have a work of art in something as simple as a stone surface. Get in touch with VT Industries for some fantastic stone fabrication.

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