Affordable Siding Services Jackson MI for Older Mobile Home Improvement

Sometimes a person buys a mobile home for a vacation property and brings the family there on weekends and vacations. Some rural neighborhoods in Michigan have a preponderance of these structures on an acre or two of land each, and sometimes a manufactured home becomes a retirement home. To make the place look and feel like more of a house, the property owner might have an addition constructed for a big living room or family room. Affordable Siding Services Jackson MI has available also can rejuvenate the building and give the entire place a consistent appearance. A company that provides roofing service as well as siding can turn that mobile home into an abode that looks even more like a frame-built house. All these steps create a permanent home that the owners will enjoy for many years to come.

Affordable Siding Services Jackson MI can replace the manufactured home’s original siding and skirting when the workers add siding to the outside of the addition. Mobile homes built decades ago tend to show it with their old metal siding, and the homeowners look forward to a classy update with vinyl. Skirting for these old structures may consist of painted polystyrene foam and insulation, which is susceptible to eventually pulling away from the building. Wood skirting is vulnerable to rotting along the bottom and to creating avenues for mice to enter. Affordable Siding Services Jackson MI solve all these problems. Click here for more details.

When having the addition built, a contractor such as Billy White Roofing & Construction in Jackson MI can provide not only the siding but a new pitched roof for the manufactured home and the added room or rooms. Now the place is entirely under one shingled roof. With the new vinyl siding and the pitched roof, the manufactured home looks a great deal more like one that was constructed from scratch on the property. The work dramatically increases the value of the real estate. It also can significantly lower the home’s utility bills in both winter and summer, since the old siding probably was drafty and not energy efficient. The advantages for functional and aesthetic qualities are substantial.