A Roofer in Jonhston Can Be A Tremendous Help by Inspecting Your Roof

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When you consider the roof is the largest part of the house, it might not be surprising that the roof will develop problems over time. Since most of these problems cannot be seen from the ground, it is a good idea to have an experienced roofer go up on the roof and conduct a thorough inspection. The winter in Des Moines is harsh and it takes a toll on the roof. A Roofing Company in Des Moines can help provide the proper inspection.

Problem areas can be found very quickly by a roof inspection and many of the problem areas can be fixed during the inspection. Those which cannot be fixed generally involve shingles which are curved up on the ends and were not nailed properly. Shingles with the asphalt granules washed off will be spotted as well. Any shingle that is curled up will allow the wind to blow the water underneath and onto the underlayment eventually leading to rotting.

One of the serious problems the Roofer in Johnston will be looking for is cracked flashing which will allow rain to enter the attic. Any opening in the roof to allow the chimney to rise up above the roof line or any flashing which protects the chimney and the vent openings can be a problem if it cracks. An inspection of the roof supports in the attic may reveal a water path showing where the water leaked in and where it is traveling to. This should be part of a roof inspection.

The ridge cap shingles which are in place as part of the vent system should be checked for any abnormality which would allow water to enter the attic. Likewise the leak barrier which adjoins the roof to a dormer should be checked for shingles out of place.
The starter strip shingles should be securely fastened to the underlayment and the leak barrier strip so wind cannot blow rain under these shingles and cause water penetration into the home.

One often overlooked item are the eves which should be mounted flush against the fascia so water cannot drip down the wall of the house and find its way into the basement. The Roofer in Johnston will be aware of this problem.

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