Working In The Dark Won’t Work

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Electrical

The only place we can generally and effectively work in the dark is in a dark room, when we are developing photographs. Other than that we tend to need plenty of light, not matter what we are working on or where we are working. We need light and an eye glass to fix the inside workings of an antique watch or clock, we need light from our computer screens to see our keyboards and we need light in which to read by.

Some areas of nature need light in order to survive and even us, as humans, we cannot live without it. We could get by for a certain length of time if we are light deprived but we would wither after a time. Many people, for example, suffer from SAD—Seasonal Affective Disorder—which can impair them during the winter months. It can make them miserable, reclusive and unsociable and if they go too long without it they can become seriously depressed. That is the effect that the sun and sunlight has on the human being, so just image how bad it is for plants and vegetation. Think about walking through a forest and the ground is dark because the trees are so thick that they sun can’t get through.  The ground doesn’t show much growth and only those plants that thrive in damp and dark conditions, such as fungus, can actually grow. However, keep walking to the edge of the forest, out into the meadow and you will see lush green grass, daisies, buttercups and dandelions, all growing wild. You will see sunflowers and daffodils and fruit trees. That’s the power of light.

Throwing light over the Dark

Now, let’s take those people who don’t have outdoor areas in their homes. They live in high-rise apartments blocks or loft apartments or just apartments at ground level where there is nowhere to grow their own produce. It takes a little inventiveness to get a space in the home that they can use to grow fruit or vegetables, or plants or herbs. Many of them employ the use of LED grow lights to help propagate their indoor plants or herbs. They can also use them in smaller spaces such as cupboards or cubby holes where light cannot easily reach. It is a great way to utilize the space in your home.

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