Winterize Your Home’s Air Conditioning Unit

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Air Conditioning

To ensure your air conditioning unit lasts for a good number of years, it is important to winterize it. Many people are unaware of this simple step that can be taken to increase the longevity of their equipment so that they can get much more use out of it. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, a skilled and experienced HVAC technician can come to the home and provide you with this valuable service.

The ABC’s of Winterizing

Winterizing your home’s AC does not have to be complicated and is actually a very simple procedure. You will first need to turn off the unit and disconnect it from its power source. Following this, you can ensure there is no chance of it being inadvertently plugged back in. This helps you save costs during the winter so your air conditioner is not running without you being aware of it. The next step after disconnecting the power involves taking the time to clean the air conditioner and the space around it. You can easily just hose it off and allow it to dry for a few hours as well as raking away any surrounding leaves or debris.

The next part of winterizing your AC unit involves waiting until it is completely dry and then covering it with a weather proof tarp. This will ensure that no debris gets caught in it while it is sitting idle throughout the wintertime. It may be helpful to secure the cover with ties and bungee cords to ensure its stays put all winter long. Keeping your air conditioner unit covered in this fashion can keep the internal parts from being worn away because of weather or other environmental causes.

In addition, you will need to seal away any vents or ducts on your air conditioner so as to safeguard it from becoming overrun with dust. In addition these vents cause drafts to enter the home and make your energy bill go up unnecessarily. It is important to remember to remove the tape when you are ready to use the air conditioner again during the warmer months.

Getting assistance

If you feel the work is just too involved or you don’t have the time to complete the task, you can get help from a professional HVAC company. Their technicians have the skill and experience to easily complete your project quickly and effectively.

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