The Importance of St. Louis Heating Maintenance After a Harsh Winter

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Air Conditioning

After the unusually harsh regional winter conditions in early 2022, some St. Louis area residents wondered whether it was time to move farther south. They expect temperatures to routinely dip into the 20s in January and February here but not to drop below zero for several days. After a season like this, it’s particularly important not to skip the annual furnace maintenance appointment. A St Louis residential heating contractor is ready to provide this service.

Advantages of Cold Weather

After winter is over, people may be better able to appreciate the advantages of an unusually cold season since they’re no longer dealing with it.

For example, bitterly cold temperatures kill harmful bugs, effectively reducing the population. There should be fewer disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks. Freezing temperatures also have negative effects on invasive plants that are crowding out native species. Those plants typically are brought in accidentally from a warmer faraway region. They flourish abnormally without the controlling features of their natural environment.

Heating Maintenance

An annual maintenance appointment with a St Louis residential heating contractor should never be skipped, and that’s imperative after a winter like this. The equipment experienced increased wear and tear since it was forced to work harder than usual. The technician inspects the system, makes necessary adjustments, and cleans the components. The worker tells the customer about any parts worn enough to be at risk of breaking and recommends replacing them now or before the next heating season.

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