Why You Should Call Carpet Cleaners Immediately After Fire Damage in Cheyenne, WY

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Cleaning

When you think of fire damage repair, your first thought may not be carpet cleaning. However, it probably should be. Companies such as Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning and Restoration are not only carpet and upholstery maintenance professionals, but also disaster cleanup experts. When a client calls them after Fire Damage Cheyenne WY technicians respond quickly, to remove water, clean interiors, and restore homes.

Restoration Experts Offer Emergency Help

No matter what time you call restoration professionals and ask for help after Fire Damage Cheyenne WY technicians will respond immediately. They offer 24/7 emergency service and will bring the equipment needed to keep you safe and remove hazards. Technicians measure the quality of standing water, to make sure that you are kept safe from areas contaminated with sewage, chemicals, and other toxins. They evaluate smoke, fumes, unstable structures, and other hazards before removing water.

Professionals Dry and Clean Homes Quickly

Cleanup technicians use specially-designed equipment to remove water efficiently. Their truck-mounted systems can often hold hundreds of gallons of liquids. Experts act as quickly as possible, in order to reduce water damage to your property. Once excess water has been eliminated, they use fans to dry structures, carpets, walls, basements, and more. After Fire Damage Cheyenne WY special teams begin to clean and deodorize your house as soon as possible. They have the skills and products needed to safely remove soot, grime, mud, and more. Since mold can begin to grow quickly in flooded areas, technicians may also search for and treat any fungi that they find. They will typically also decontaminate HVAC systems, in order to remove pollution that could be circulated through vents systems.

Specialists Restore Homes and Belongings

In addition to general cleaning after Fire Damage Cheyenne WY specialists use deep soil removal techniques designed specifically for disaster restoration. They may temporarily remove some items to keep them safe until they can be expertly treated. Some companies work with third-party experts who can restore art, furniture, and other specialty items. Most companies also bill directly to your insurance.

Carpet cleaning and restoration professionals should be one of the first companies you call after fire damage. Their efficient emergency services are designed to protect you and your belongings and include expert disaster cleanup. They also specialize in restoration and will take quick action to salvage as much off your property as possible.

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