Choices for Hardie Board Siding in Barrington IL

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Roofing

Hardie Board Siding in Barrington IL is known for its energy efficiency, its durability, and its many color choices. This fiber cement siding is warrantied for 25 years and comes in different versions so you can get the look you want. Plank siding is lap siding that gives you the look of smooth horizontal lines. Vertical siding can be used for the entire exterior or used in an entryway or alcove for accent. Shingle siding gives you an overlapped appearance for texture. There are even pre-cut soffit panels that can add detail to your home.

Other brands of siding, such as Alcoa and Norandex-Reynolds, are also available. Vinyl siding, cedar work, and aluminum siding are among the choices for your exterior. Installing new siding not only boosts curb appeal and raises the value of your house, it also improves insulation. Hardie Board Siding in Barrington IL is the most energy efficient solution on the market, but all new siding will provide extra insulation. You will see your energy costs go down once new siding has gone up. While installing siding, do not forget to consider your soffit, fascia, and gutters as well. If your siding needs repair or replacing, chances so do they.

Most siding contractors also provide roofing services, complete renovations, install windows, and install new doors. They can also do repair and provide maintenance services, such as roof inspections or gutter cleaning. The best contractor is a local one who has been in business for at least a decade or more. That contractor will have the experience and know what type of products and materials work in the climate. References will be available, and you can usually drive around and see examples of previous work completed in the area.

Check with your friends and neighbors for recommendations on where to start looking for a contractor. Get suggestions from internet searches that are specific to local contractors. Our website is an example of a website for a local contractor. You will get more from which to choose as well. Ask questions regarding pricing, schedules, and warranties. Compare what each has to offer and make an informed decision based on your information. New siding, or any other renovations, is an investment in your home. Find out all the information you can before signing with one contractor or another.

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