Why Is It Important to Keep Your Air Conditioning System Clean?

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Keeping your expensive air conditioning system clean is important for a variety of reasons. It will prevent costly repairs as well as prevent you cooling system from breaking down completely and needing to be replaced. Air conditioners can last a long time if taken care of correctly. Here are some tips on keeping your air conditioner system clean and why doing these tasks is important to increasing its longevity.

Getting Rid Of the Dirt

The majority or problems associated with air conditioners can be traced back to excessive buildup of dirt in the unit. This can drastically effect how the unit runs and can cause serious problems if not promptly taken care of. Most problems arise when excessive dirt or debris builds up around the evaporator coils, which are located inside the home, or the condenser coils, which are located outside the home. Without getting too technical, when dirt is affecting either or both of these coils, then the absorption rate of the hot air from inside the home is not as efficient as it should be. This makes your home stay hotter for longer, even though your air conditioner is running at full blast. Not only will this make you home less energy efficient, but will also cause you air conditioner to work extra hard to cool your home. Any overworked piece of machinery is obviously more susceptible to break downs.

How to Prevent Dirt Buildup

The best practice to follow in order to prevent dirt and grime buildup is to have a professional come and clean in and around the outside air conditioning unit. There are some things you can do without the help of a professional, such as making sure bushes and plants are trimmed or removed from being near the unit and making sure your lawn sprinklers aren’t shooting water at the air conditioner. For all other cleaning purposes, such as chemically cleaning the coils of your air conditioner or vacuum cleaning the unit, it is best to call a professional.

It is also important to look for any leakage either from the unit itself or from the lines going in and out of the unit. Any type of leak can mean there is some form of damage that needs to be dealt with immediately. This is especially true if your house uses water from a well. This can mean that rust will almost certainly be an issue, and usually rust damage is not covered by the warranty. Well water typically has more rust causing minerals which can wreak havoc on air conditioners. Having a clean air conditioner will not only save you money by cooling your home more efficiently, but also by avoiding costly repairs.

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