When is AC Repair really needed?

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Air Conditioning

We sometimes take our AC units for granted, but as the summer months roll in, they become a significant part of our home. During the seasons of heavy usage, there is a greater risk that a unit will malfunction or break down, causing a large bill for AC repair Ponte Vedra homeowners may be unprepared for. So how do you know if a problem is developing and a minor repair is already needed?

Unless the unit becomes excessively noisy or ceases to function completely, it can be difficult to know whether there is a problem developing. The best method for preventing a major problem is to make periodic inspections of the unit, to find any minor faults or problems and prevent them from developing. The most common faults tend to begin in parts which are actually quite easy to check. These include:

The Condenser coil: It is worth checking, if this needs cleaning. Allowing the coils to become clogged can significantly reduce the energy efficiency of the unit and cause problems. Regular cleaning can help to prevent this, but be sure to use a soft bristled brush to prevent causing damage.

Blower Fan Belt: Check to see if this is moving at its normal rate. If the belt appears to be moving too slowly or appears damaged, you may notice ice formations within the unit. This can lead to a major problem and should be addressed promptly.

Filters: A clean filter is essential for effective performance of the unit. If a heavy layer of debris has accumulated, it can significantly impact the efficiency of the unit and cause formation of ice as the movement of the cool air is impeded. Try to regularly clean the filters and replace them every few months to prevent damage.

The Condenser: This element of the unit transforms the air vapor into a liquid, which is a crucial part of an AC system. Check this part is functioning correctly in addition to any breakers and fuses. If any appear damaged, replace them promptly.

Regular servicing is also essential for avoiding huge repair bills. Spending a small amount to have your unit serviced will be significantly cheaper than a large repair bill or having to purchase a whole new unit. Although regular servicing will not prevent all breakdowns it can significantly reduce the risk. A routine of servicing or regular check-ups can provide the opportunity to solve minor issues before they develop into major damage. Although many of these checks are simple enough for even those without technical skills, it is important that if you are in any doubt, you consult professional advice.

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