Heating and Air Repair in Peachtree City: Filter Changes are Important

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Air Conditioning

Anyone in the HVAC field can tell you that it is important to replace your furnace and air conditioning filters regularly. These filters are your unit’s best defense, protecting its parts and improving the air quality inside your home. By reading on, you can learn how regular heating and air repair in Peachtree City can extend the life of your heating and cooling units.

Regular Upkeep is Important

According to industry experts, you should change your air conditioning filters once a month; technological advances can extend the time between filter changes to up to three months. Don’t rely on the advice you’ve been given–the only way to know when it’s time to change your filter is to inspect it. Clogged filters can put a strain on your AC unit, and can result in higher utility bills over time.

Buying the Right Filter

When you’re buying air conditioning filters, it helps to know what’s available. Refer to the list below to find the right filter for your needs.

Fiberglass: If price is a factor, a standard fiberglass filter is the best choice. These only last thirty days, and rapidly lose effectiveness after that.

Electrostatic: Like fiberglass filters, these should also be changed once a month. However, the makers of electrostatic filters claim that they are more effective in the trapping of dust and other contaminants. If someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, electrostatic filters may be the best choice.

Electronic: As far as air conditioning filters are concerned, the electronic variety is the most effective option. These filters are connected to a power supply, and are very effective in removing airborne contaminants. They are virtually maintenance free, and can be cleaned and reused.

Other Filter Choices

The filters listed above are just a small portion of the choices that are available today. Every kind of air conditioning filter on the market has special benefits; filters treated with Lysol may remove more airborne bacteria, and HEPA filters claim to be the best at purifying your indoor air. No matter what kind of filter you choose, you should change it according to manufacturer specifications. Your AC contractor can tell you more about routine heating and air repair in Peachtree City–schedule an appointment today.

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