What Types of Rooftop Protection Devices Should Your Company Have in PA?

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Rooftop fall protection is a vital safety measure that must be taken to comply with OSHA standards. Typically, you will need to have rooftop protection from falls if your company structures have a height of four feet or taller. While there are a variety of types of rooftop protection, consider these most common ones.

Skylight Screens

Skylights may be beautiful pieces of architecture that let in natural light and increase the beauty of your structure’s interior. But according to the OSHA standards, a skylight can be a fall hazard. If you have people working around the light, they can trip and fall through the glass. To comply with OSHA standards, you will need to have skylight screens around your skylight.

Parapet Railings

A parapet railing is a guardrail that is mounted directly to the rooftop. These guardrails are designed to meet OSHA safety requirements by preventing people from falling off the side of the structure’s roof. The railings are mounted with a set of screws.

Rooftop Crossover Walkways

Accessing the roof can be very dangerous. A rooftop crossover walkway provides workers with a level non-slip surface. Your company can use rooftop crossover walkways on many types of roof surfaces, including membrane and metal roofs. The crossover walkways can be used on completely flat roofs as well as roofs that have up to a 35-degree angle.

Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA also requires you to provide your workers with a variety of safety equipment. This can include connectors, harnesses and retractables.

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