What Is Required With Pavement Maintenance In Worcester, MA

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Landscaping

While the technology has certainly changed over the last 50 years in how to lay down asphalt, there are some roads that have been out there a lot longer than that. As you can expect with any material that has been laid to handle any amount of traffic, there is going to be maintenance issues even given the best circumstances. Pavement Maintenance in Worcester, MA is a full time job gathering the best and experienced pavers, Sealcoating, sealing, line striping, sink holes and even sink hole repair companies.

The process of Sealcoating is one that is developing with time. There are any number of steps that are involved in the process and some steps are diminishing depending on the process and type of materials that are being used in other steps. For instance, just like with a regular residential painting job, a primer was first considered a necessary step. While it still is necessary, some paints on the market have the primer already in the coat of the paint.

The same can be said of asphalt pavement maintenance. At one time, a prime coat was necessary and depending on the type of tack coat that is used, it may still be necessary to keep up under the stress of heavy traffic and weather. The prime coat is used in Pavement Maintenance in Worcester, MA to coat loose particles on the surface of the road. It is also used to protect from moisture and provide a tough surface for the base. It also can help with the adhesion of the base coat to the surface.

That may all sound like an important piece of the asphalt surface protection, but over the last 20 years, there have been improvements made to the material in which case the tack coat does not need the protection of the prime. There are rarely, if any, instances when a road does not need a tack coat, so the primer is the variable in the maintenance.

As far as the application process itself, there are variables of mix release agents that are laid down. There is little argument that the once popular diesel fuel was used as a release agent is no longer recommended because of its solvency materials.


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