What Could A Janitorial Service In Chicago Do For You?

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Cleaning

Actually, this is a somewhat open-ended question since the phrase “janitorial services” (whether performed anywhere in Union NJ or elsewhere in the world) is more invented than a fully descriptive term. Obviously, the services of a janitor are involved somewhere but to what extent?

What Do Janitors Do?

A janitor is a man (janitress being the female equivalent) who works as a custodian, cleaner or caretaker in places such as hospitals, business or commercial premises, schools, etc. Condominium and apartment-style residential building managers may decide to employ a janitor for the public or shared areas within their buildings. This is a lower cost alternative to employing a building superintendent who has more managerial duties, performs minor maintenance and repair work and is not normally involved in the day to day cleaning. People in these positions would not expect to be tasked with carrying out cleaning duties within the residents’ apartments.

Direct Employment Or Sub-Contracted

Some larger establishments may still prefer to hire their own staff for all their cleaning, maintaining and similar work but, these days, it has become a very common practice in Union NJ (and elsewhere) to contract such work out to a specialist Janitorial Service in Union NJ. An additional aspect that grew out of this sub-contracting was that private individuals began to see the services offered by such companies as being a great alternative to hiring full (or part) time people to help with the regular chores around their own homes.

The extent and scope of these domestic duties depend on how much the customer is prepared to pay and the skills and experience of the workers hired out from the contractor. The sky could literally be limit in respect of the first but; unfortunately, some cleaning and allied agencies have taken to employing lowly paid and largely untrained workers that might not only be incapable of performing their duties satisfactorily but; might also turn out to be the type of person that you would not wish to leave unattended and unsupervised in your home.

When subcontracting any home cleaning work to a Janitorial Service In Union NJ, you should try to check the competence and trust worthiness of their staff. For example, companies like Done Just Right, Inc. operate fully within all labor laws; only employ suitably qualified staff and only send out fully licensed, bonded and insured workers to your home. Visit Reliant Services Inc. for more details.

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