Top 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Pressure Washing Equipment

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Cleaning

You have a cleaning project or two that would go a lot easier if you had some sort of pressure washing equipment. While you may not be sure how to go about selecting a unit, the process is easier than you think. Consider these three factors, and you’ll soon have the Hotsy pressure washer that’s perfect for the Chicago job.

Deciding Between Electric and Gas

One of the first decisions you need to make is what sort of fuel or energy supply the unit needs. There are benefits to using gas-powered washers as well as advantages to going with electric washers. A good approach is to talk with the team who will be arranging the rental. Based on what type of project you are doing and other factors, they can recommend which type of energy source would work best.

Make Sure It’s Really Portable

You may not be aware, but there are several designs for portable pressure washers. Some of them are designed with handles that make it easy to pick them up and move them from one spot to the next. Others are mounted on wheels so you can push or pull them as you move around the grounds.

A smart move is to go with a Hotsy pressure washer in Chicago as it is mounted on wheels. Along with being easier to move in general, it will also reduce the chances of having a sore back by the time you finish with your cleaning project.

Power and Flow Matter

The flow and amount of power needed for different jobs vary. That’s one of the reasons you want to talk with the experts about the kind of project you have in mind. The flow and power needed to clean aluminum awnings are a little different from what you need to deep clean concrete that’s heavily stained. The service team at the rental facility can help you choose a Hotsy pressure washer in Chicago that has the settings to control both the flow and the power properly.

Are you in need of a pressure washer to clean up awnings, driveways, and other areas around the house? Contact the team at High PSI Ltd. and talk with them about the project you have in mind. Visit website and get some ideas of equipment options as well as the right cleaning agents to use. It won’t take long to find exactly what you need.

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