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Carpeting is one of most handsome and least fussy hacks that instantly gives your home a more luxurious appearance and fell. Carpeting harmonizes your overall color scheme and decor while providing underfoot cushioning that muffles footfalls and protects floors from wear. Better Quality Carpets & Flooring is your source of carpet floor covering Oakland offering a vast selection of carpeting and a free in-home consultation.

Home Improvement Demystified

We here at Better Quality Carpeting & Flooring are committed to simplifying the process of selecting and installing carpeting in your home. To request a free in-home consultation, fill out our quick online form. Designate your desired service, preferred appointment time and other details. You can select the specific services you’re interested in, and you can even choose the employee you wish to work with.

Carpets to Choose 101

The world of carpeting is extremely sophisticated yet very simple. We feature carpets made of premium grade materials engineered to withstand daily usage, retain optimal color and texture. Our eco-Smart PET polyester EverStrand carpets are machine-made for high durability and softness. They’re also gentler on the environment and they’re hypoallergenic.

Our other carpets floor covering Oakland include those made with BCF polyester assembled in an array of weaves. The Berber weave, for example, mimics traditional Berber hand-weaving. It results in an extremely tight weave that is plush to the touch yet very difficult for stains to penetrate. Explore our variety of samples for unique colors and weaves to complement your decor and your lifestyle needs.

Carpets, Coordination, Color

Carpeting covers so much of your floor, its dyed hue makes a wonderful accent that can harmonize or highlight furnishings, paint colors and decor. Our carpets consist of PureColor fibers, which require less water and energy for reduced greenhouse emissions. PureColor is solution-dyed, resulting in vibrant color that never fades, even despite foot traffic, elements and routine cleaning.

Contact us today and set up an in-home consultation for carpet floor covering Oakland.

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