The Right Types of Glass Windows in Santa Clarita, CA Can Make a Small Room Feel Larger

by | Jun 14, 2019 | Home Improvement

Replacement of old Glass Windows in Santa Clarita CA with a larger size or a different design can make a room look bigger. Adding a window to a plain wall also can have this effect. As long as the wall structure can support these options, a contractor will be able to do the work to increase satisfaction with the home.

Taller Windows

One effective strategy is to replace relatively small windows with taller ones where possible. Windows that are taller than their width give the illusion of a larger room. It makes the ceiling seem higher than it actually is.

Extending the Glass Beyond the Wall

Other windows that bring in abundant natural light and make a room feel larger include bay windows and bow windows. These windows, as installed by a company like Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co., create a sense of spaciousness because the room is effectively extended beyond the wall. They can even have a seat where someone can relax and look out at the yard. Check out at the earliest convenience.

Home Additions

The size of Glass Windows in Santa Clarita CA should be taken into careful consideration when homeowners are planning to have a small addition to a home constructed. There might not be much space for this extra room, but they don’t want it to feel confining. Including as much glass as possible will bring the illusion of a bigger room.

Window Treatments

If the household residents don’t mind, they might consider not having window treatments or using a minimalist shading style for their new windows. Drapes and most curtains take up a significant amount of space alongside glass, and blinds can be bulky at the top when pulled up. Even a valance covers some of the glass at the top. Window shades tend to be the best option, as they can clear the glass when rolled up.

If the homeowners really want curtains, at least the treatments should be a very light color. In fact, light colors are generally best for small spaces, especially if the amount of glass that can be installed is limited.

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