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by | Sep 3, 2014 | Home and Garden

Even though cutting a tree down may appear like some major project, it’s basically straightforward when compared with removing a stump. The latter is a lot more complex and involved. This is among the reasons many people have tree stumps in their backyards. Though stump removal is not a simple task, it’s doable. You are going to get the job done quickly when you possess the correct tools. The following are reasons why you need tree stump removal companies in South Jersey to remove a tree stump from your backyard:

Reasons to hire tree stump removal South Jersey companies

They are Eyesores – You would not want to be gazing at your yard and see all those stumps dotting your landscape. They look uglier when weeds among other plants begin growing on them which occurs over time.

They Take Up Space – The majority of people need the widest and clearest yards possible and stumps normally take up valuable space. The stump removal South Jersey firm is going to ensure that such space is freed in your yard.

They are Hazardous – Some stumps are easily seen but others are hidden by grass and weeds among other plants and become tripping hazards.

Assessing a Tree Stump

There are a number of tree stumps that are simpler to remove than others and thus different techniques would be applied by tree stump removal South Jersey companies. Being ready beforehand and being aware of which methods and techniques are appropriate for the kind of work is going to make stump removal much simpler. As an example, pine tree stumps appear to be easier to get rid of as compared to stumps from deciduous trees. The roots of the former tree appears to be wide, flat, and shallow while the latter does appear to be deep and long.

What can make a stump easier to remove? Basically, the size and age of a tree stump are the best indicators of stump removal. The older the stump, the more easily it can be removed. When choosing your stump removal method, consider the amount of stumps to be eliminated.

Tree removal methods

The following are the methods your tree stump removal South Jersey company uses for stump removal:

Digging by hand: This works best for small and shallow-rooted trees. Basic tools are an axe, shovel, root saw, and loppers.

• Backhoe/skidsteer : Often when stumps are found in planting areas, they are normally pulled with a backhoe. This is the most expensive means of removing a stump, though the expense can be reduced when you have many stumps to remove and to bury them onsite.

• Chemical removal:Tree stump removal South Jersey companies also use many chemicals to be found at garden centers which speed up the rotting of a stump. The chemicals are added to a drilled hole in the stump.

• Fire: People often use scrap wood to begin a fire on top of a tree stump and keep it going till the stump is gone.

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