Tree Services in Albemarle County, VA Will Keep Your Trees Healthy

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Landscaping

For some of the best Tree Services in Albemarle County, VA you can Contact D & D Lawn Care. If you have some diseased trees on your property that need to be removed before they can infect the other trees you have, this is a company that can provide expert tree removal services. They have specialists trained in how to trim away top branches and work their way down until the entire tree has been removed. Then they make sure the stump is completely removed and any remaining tree roots are fixed so that they won’t start producing another tree that you don’t want in that area.

The remaining trees on your property will also need Tree Services in Albemarle County, VA. The trees on your property can be put on an inspection schedule where professionals check them to make sure they are growing healthy and beautiful. If you have trees that are near power lines, you will want branches trimmed so that they don’t grow right into the power lines. That way if there is a big lightening storm in your area and lightening strikes one of your trees, its branches will not bring down the power lines that are growing too close to them. Trees growing near your house will also need branch trimming so that they don’t grow out over your roof. You don’t want a huge tree branch to come crashing through your roof if something happens to the tree. Trimming the potential over-hang branches keep the roof of your home safe.

When you have your trees on a tree service schedule, you will know that they will be fertilized when they should be and that the service will provide pest control so that your tree doesn’t become infected or infested with any number of pests that you really don’t want around your family. Having trees on your property enhances its beauty and provides you with some shade to sit in on warm days. The shade keeps the sun from giving you a nasty sunburn and keeps the shaded area between 5 and 15 degrees cooler than the unshaded area of your yard. Sign up with a good tree service and always know you will have beautiful and healthy trees to enjoy.


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