Transform Your Kitchen with New Cabinetry

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Kitchen & Bath

There are a great deal of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh. Kitchen cabinets are not what they used to be. There are many design options that include styles for sliding cabinets, rotating cabinets, and hanging cabinets.

Sliding Kitchen Cabinetry

These cabinets are very interesting. Usually, they have normal doors and hardware, so they look standard. However, once you open the cabinet, that’s when you’ll see the difference. Each of the shelves slides out giving you the opportunity to see what’s in the back of the cabinet, not just what’s in the front. This is a great option for those who hate digging around on their knees searching through bottom cabinets. If you want something unusual, try sliding door cabinets. These are cabinets made to pull out for you to see what you have in them. When you’re finished, you just slide them back into place.

Rotating Kitchen Cabinetry

Rotating cabinetry, also, comes in two different styles. There are the short cabinets that are usually used in corners, where you can turn the shelves like a carousel to find what you are looking for. These are not that unusual anymore. They are nice space savers that relieve the frustration of finding things in the kitchen. The other kind of rotating kitchen cabinetry is the full-length rotating cabinets. These are very nice when you have a pantry type of area to fill. You open the doors, and there is the shelving with a rotating shelf inside the area. This gives the modern convenience to an old-fashioned style of cabinetry.

Hanging Kitchen Cabinetry

If you hate digging around for your pots and pans, there’s a solution for that too. Hanging cabinets with hooks over an island allows you to hang your pots and pans for easy access. Another great idea for hanging kitchen cabinetry is inside a narrow cabinet. This allows you to pull your pots and pans out and find what you need.

You may need to have custom-made cabinets, depending on your kitchen design and your needs. Visit Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center to view fabulous kitchen cabinet design options that easily fit into your home. If a certain type of cabinetry that they offer does not fit, you can always inquire about having cabinets custom fit for your kitchen. They have experts at their disposal just for custom design requirements.

When you decide it’s time for new kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburgh, be sure to contact Patete Kitchen & Bath Design Center. They have a variety of options that can make choosing cabinets for your kitchen and fun and rewarding experience.

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