Three Tips for Choosing the Color a Short Hills Painting Company will Paint Your House

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Interior Design and Decorating

When you are ready to have the exterior of your home painted, choosing a color can be a difficult task. There are literally hundreds of shades to choose from and selecting the wrong color will not only be costly, but it can ruin the appeal of your house. Before you hire a Short Hills painting company to paint your house, here are some tips to help you select the colors for your house.

Tip #1 – Consider the Exterior Elements
When you’re getting ready to paint, you will want to consider the elements of your home that are hardest to change. Unless you are completely renovating your house, the walkway, driveway, roofing and any stonework you may have will probably stay in place. Consider their undertones in order to help pick out the paint colors you will use.

The undertones of these elements may be either warm or cold. The warm elements will include colors like beige, brown or rust, and the cold undertones will be blue, gray or black. Select paint shades that will complement these undertones to tie everything together.

Tip #2 – Consider More than One Shade
There are three major color areas of a home’s exterior. They include:
•  Field color- this is the dominating color of the home.
•  Accent color – which will include shutters, doors and other smaller features.
•  Trim color – this will be the casings on your windows and doors, the railing and the edging around your roof.

aThe trim color should contrast with the field color, so if the field color is dark, the trim should be white or several shades lighter than the field color. The accent color doesn’t have to be in the same color family and you can use a bolder color, but do so sparingly. Most paint manufacturers have color palettes with pre-selected colors for these areas of your home.

Tip #3 – Consider the Visual Effect
Think about your home and its position on the street. If your home sits further back from the street than most of the homes in your neighborhood or if it is hidden behind foliage, you make want to have the painting company use a lighter or brighter paint color. This will help your home to stand out more and make it easier to see. Conversely, using a darker color will help your home fade more into the background.

Consult with the painters at the painting company you hire to do your home’s exterior. They can recommend some colors for your house and show your paint samples from which you can choose your home’s palette. You may also wish to ride around your neighborhood and check out the colors of other homes in your area for ideas.

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