The Utility of Double-Paned Windows in Arlington

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Windows

Glass is a very good conductor of heat. When the temperature rises outside, the heat can pass easily through glass and into your home. Wood and insulation, by contrast, are poor conductors of heat. That’s why your windows are often closer to the outside temperature than your interior walls. To reduce that exchange of heat, you should invest in double glazing. Double glazing is the practice of installing two panes of glass with a cushion between them. The cushion can be a vacuum or a cushion of air.

Air as Insulation

Air is not a very good conductor of heat. In other words, it is actually a pretty good insulator. If you have double-glazed windows in Arlington, they can reduce heat transfer by as much as 40%. Think of the money you’ll save on heating and cooling costs. Furthermore, double-glazed windows function better in the event of a storm.

You can see the types of glazing offered from a quality firm such as Business Name. They’ll be able to help you determine what kind of glass installation you need for your home.


In a storm, glass is particularly vulnerable to damage. There’s not much that can stop a falling tree, but if it’s something like debris blowing in the wind, double glazed windows might help. The cushion of air between panes serves to bolster the protective capability of the outer pane. The window is supported by the pressure of air or vacuum behind it. Furthermore, the entire installation is less likely to shatter if there are two panes of glass. Even if the outer pane is broken, the inner one will still hold. Such protection can help reduce the amount of damage that would occur if debris were to break a single pane.

If you’re looking for the most secure and energy efficient windows, you should invest in double-paned glass. Click here for more details.

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