The Need For A Pest Control Irvine Professional

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Pest Control

While there are plenty of pest control products out there that can be bought at a local store, most of them leave a lot to be desired when they are actually used. There are reasons why you call a Pest Control Irvine professional to take care of an issue, like the following four:

1. Meant To Work Short Term

One of the major problems with buying pest control products from your local store is the fact that the products are only meant to work short term. Even if the ant traps or roach motels that you use do work the way that they are supposed to (which they typically don’t) and attract the pests into the products, they only work on a short term level.

2. They Don’t Attack The Source

When you use a spray to kill the roaches and ants that you see in front of you, the products you are using aren’t attacking the source of the issue, they are simply attacking what you see. It isn’t the stream of 30 ants that you see walking across your floor that you have to be worried about, it is the millions that are waiting outside waiting to get in. If you are really going to get rid of the problem, the source needs to be taken out.

3. They Don’t Use Newer Products

Every year there are new advances in the pest control field that allow for better “dispatching” of colonies that invade a home. Unfortunately, these advances are not used in “over the counter” products, but are typically only used by Pest Control Irvine professionals. With this in mind, the products that you use on your own are not going to hold a candle to the newer techniques and sprays that you will find with a professional.

4. The Effects Do Not Last

As much as you would like to think that the fact that the “bug bomb” that you used got rid of the roach problem, the fact is that all of the dead roaches that you are sweeping up were already in your home, meaning that the one’s that weren’t are still waiting in the wings. Since the bomb was not meant to kill the source, you will find that the colony comes back within a few days.


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