Myths Debunked about Custom Cabinets: Los Angeles, CA Professionals Offer Expert Opinion

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Home Improvement

There are several myths swirling around about building and installing custom kitchen cabinets. In many cases, there is a half truth the myth. In other cases, the myths are just completely wrong. Here are some of the myths that you may have heard with the actual truth behind them from your custom cabinets Los Angeles, CA professional.

You can reface cabinets cheaper than replacing them.
This is a myth with custom cabinets because refacing your cabinets isn’t always the best option. For one thing, you may need to pay for any repairs that your current cabinets need before you can think about refacing them. If there is water damage to your cabinets, it can be very costly to fix them. Also, when you reface your kitchen cabinets, you aren’t changing anything about your kitchen except for the way it looks. You can create a better flow and atmosphere by hiring a custom cabinets Los Angeles, CA company to replace your current cabinets with some that better fit the needs of your household.

I can’t afford cherry cabinets.
Before you simply assume that you can’t afford cherry cabinets, you should do some research. Many of the high quality woods can be purchased at prices lower than you might think. Your custom cabinet experts might be able to find some cherry wood left over from previous jobs or from a cancelled job. You never know until you ask, so don’t rule out the possibility of having customized cherry cabinets in your kitchen until you’ve discussed it with your cabinet making company first.

I can save money by reusing my old countertops.
This is almost always a myth. One of the main reasons why you need to replace your countertops along with your new cabinets is because it’s nearly impossible to remove your current countertops without breaking them. Also, the structure of your new custom made cabinets is likely going to have a different structure than your current cabinets. That means your old countertops probably won’t fit nicely with your new cabinets without a lot of reworking. In many cases, it’s not even possible to make them work together. You can save money by replacing your countertops along with the cabinets because it’s simply going to be easier and a better fit.

These are just a few myths about custom cabinets. Speak with your local kitchen and bathroom remodeling experts to learn the truth before simply accepting what you hear from others.

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