The Highlights of Using a Pool Ionizer

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Home and Garden

Maintaining the sanitation of your pool is necessary to maintain the clearness of the water, reduce the accumulation of bacteria and prevent the spread of disease. You need some kind of cleansing device to maintain the health of your swimming pool or Jacuzzi. A pool ionizer is an alternative to chlorine, which is irritating or even dangerous to some pool users. Know more about this ionizer and why so many people decide to invest in this device.

What Does an Ionizer Do?

Ionization is the formation of ions in which atoms acquire different positive or negative charges. This process occurs either in the air or in the water. A pool ionizer adds a collection of metal ions, such as zinc and copper, into the water and kills the microorganisms.

Why Do Pools Need Frequent Cleanings?

Pools need frequent cleanings because bacteria and viruses collect easily in the water. You need more than a long skimmer to clean the water in an average pool. You need strong chemicals that are specially manufactured to kill bacteria. However, many of these chemicals, such as chlorine, are not tolerable to sensitive swimmers. In that case, use an ionizer device as a safer alternative.

When you clean, get rid of algae particles that are unsightly and congest the contents of your pool. If you have ever seen seaweed floating in the sea, you try to avoid it, and you do the same with algae.

In addition to your ionizer, invest in other parts of a filtration and sanitation system. Change the pool filter often or at least once a year. Check the pump to ensure it is circulating water throughout the pool. The pump works by forcing the water through a filter that collects debris and pollutants and returns the water to the pool.

Depending on how often you use the pool and the number of people you invite, you could run the pump for 24 hours. However, if the pool is not in use, you can only run it for a few hours daily. Overall, the way you operate different parts of your pool, in addition to the sanitation tools you buy, is the key to maintaining a clean, healthy pool.

To promote an all-natural pool and lifestyle, more people are looking at chlorine free methods. They realize the negative health effects of swimming in chlorine. They are among the countless swimmers who complain about stung eyes and irritated throats after taking their swims. They avoid pools simply because they know that chlorine will be present there. Some people wear nose plugs or goggles but still take in the strong properties of the chemical. Fortunately, the pool ionizer is designed with health-conscious swimmers and pool owners in mind.

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