Start Your Renovation Right by Fixing Your Squeaky Floor

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Remodeling

If your home renovation project involves new carpet, this is an ideal time to fix any noisy-floor problems you may have. Once you’ve pulled up your old flooring or carpet, you will be more able to find and fix the problems. Maybe you’ve planned to renovate your living room or bedroom; even if you’re planning to hire a contractor, it’s easy to find and fix squeaky floor areas, and you’ll keep your interior renovations NYC budget in check.

Squeaky floors are typically caused when wood rubs against wood or a fastener. When the noise is caused by the subfloor rubbing up against a floor joist, simply add a wooden shingle or shim between the subfloor and joist in the area where it’s noisy. Don’t force or hammer the shim into place, or you’ll end up with a more expensive problem on your hands.

Other Squeaky Floor Fixes

Commercial and residential flooring contractors have a lot of experience and great ideas to help quiet that squeaky floor. Below are some of their easy tips:

Walk the entire floor to find the squeaky area. Once you find the problem, run a 2” drywall screw through floor, subfloor and joist. To find the joist’s location, simply observe the location of the existing nails.

Fixing one squeaky area can sometimes cause noise problems in other areas of your floor. To solve the issue, use a caulk gun loaded with construction-grade adhesive. Run a small bead of adhesive along the joist’s sides in the squeaky area of the subfloor.

When your noisy floor is caused by a loose piece of bridging, simply reattach it. Find the trouble area, and use a 1×4 cut to fit. Connect the joists with 6d nails to create a new bridge.

Home remodelers and flooring contractors in your area will know how to best use these and other easy methods to fix a noisy floor before you lay down new carpet, wood flooring or tile. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bath, bedroom, basement or living room, make sure it’s a successful project by following the simple squeaky floor-fixing tips given above.


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