Specifying Industrial Refrigeration Systems

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Industrial refrigeration systems are used to control temperature. Product that passes through the refrigeration process is either:

   *   Maintained at the same temperature as it was originally, or

   *   The temperature is to be reduced

In specifying industrial refrigeration systems in California the function of the equipment is of the utmost importance as the equipment needed to perform one or the other of the functions is very different. There are three distinct phases or stages in refrigeration systems installation; the process spec, the engineering spec and lastly, building the facility.

Process spec: Many existing chillers do not perform as well as they should due to a mismatch between the original intention of the unit and the actual usage. It is imperative that the user define exactly what the room will be used for.

Engineering spec: The objective of an engineering spec is to take the process specifications that have been designed, such as throughput, temperature demands, plant layout, future use, etc and from this information create a spec that the supplier of industrial refrigeration systems in California can construct without any knowledge of the actual process. If the process spec has been well defined, the engineering spec is actually well along. The user will play an integral role as many decisions taken at this stage of the facility development process will impact other parts of the entire operation.

Procurement: Once completed, the engineering spec will be released to competent suppliers for their bid. The successful bidder is responsible for all the finite details of plant design, construction and ultimate commissioning.

A well designed industrial refrigeration system takes the input of many different individuals with different demands placed upon them. The success or failure of the system depends upon how well each player in the process does his work from accurately defining the process through the completion and turn-over of the plant.

Properly functioning industrial refrigeration systems in California take a great deal of thought to ensure the facility performs exactly how the customer wishes. To discuss your industrial refrigeration system needs you are invited to contact Turn Key Systems.

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