Applying Epoxy Paint to Garage Flooring for Functional and Aesthetic Effects

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Flooring

The idea of covering concrete Garage Flooring with epoxy paint is appealing to homeowners who want to turn that space into a more aesthetically appealing environment. In addition, epoxy paint has the advantage of preventing vehicle fluids from staining the floor. Oil, coolant, power steering fluid and other substances can be cleaned up relatively easily. Readying the surface for this type of paint job and doing the actual painting are time-consuming processes that require a fair amount of elbow grease.

In addition, applying epoxy is not a particularly pleasant task because the liquid has intense fumes. Professionals generally wear respirators while working with this paint, and it’s essential to keep the garage doors open. Property owners need to consider if they want to devote the time and effort to this project or whether they want to hire a contractor such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation to complete the work.

Epoxy paint is made with resins that create a tough, resistant coating. It’s available in a broad range of colors. People who plan to convert part of the garage to a workshop or who want to work on vehicles in there will probably appreciate a low-key color. In contrast, those who want their garage to be a showroom of sorts might like bright, bold colors. Epoxy even can create three-dimensional effects that are very eye-catching.

The crew that will do the paint project begins by tackling existing fluid stains on the surface and eliminating them as much as possible. After this, they thoroughly clean the entire surface of the Garage Flooring and degrease it. They use a wet-dry vacuum to make sure the concrete is free of any grit or dirt. Cracks must be filled in before the paint is applied.

Etching the floor with muriatic acid is done to make the concrete more porous. This is necessary for the epoxy paint to effectively bond to the surface. Once all this work is finished, painting can begin. One coat is applied and allowed to sit at least overnight. A second coat is applied when the first coat is completely dry. Now the homeowner has an impressive-looking and damage-resistant garage floor. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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