Signs it’s Time to Repair or Replace Industrial Roofing in Neenah

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Roofing

Flat roofs are extremely common when it comes to Industrial Roofing in Neenah, and with good reason. They’re cost-efficient to install, offer easy access to rooftop features such as commercial HVAC units, and are extremely weather-resistant. However, even if it is adequately maintained, there will eventually come a time when an industrial flat roof will require repairs or replacement.

Extensive Water Pooling

It may seem like industrial flat roofs should be prone to water accumulation, but their name is little bit misleading. Correctly installed flat roofs do have a small amount of pitch, which should be allowing water to drain correctly off their edges. If they are not installed properly, pooling water can become a serious problem, so it may be time to consider having the roof replaced by a contractor who specializes in industrial roofing techniques.

Large Rips

Flat roofs can usually be expected to last upwards of three decades, but over time they may begin to develop rips and tears. Small rips can usually be repaired, but large rips, tears, and holes may require a complete replacement. Property owners who are trying to evaluate the state of their roofs should pay particular attention to their seams, as this is where tears are most likely to begin.

Wavy or Sunken Appearance

Although Industrial Roofing in Neenah is not flat, it should appear to be upon visual inspection. If the roof looks like it is sunken in around certain areas or has taken on a wavy appearance around its edges, it’s time to call in a professional for an inspection.

Missing Gravel

Many industrial flat roofs are fabricated out of tar and gravel, so when that gravel gets moved around or is missing entirely it can lead to the breakdown of the tar. This will eventually cause serious leaks. Property owners may want to consider having their old tar and gravel roofs replaced with a more durable material such as PVC, EPDM rubber, or thermoplastic polyolefin.

Get Help Now

Want to have an industrial roof repaired or replaced and not sure who to call? It’s important to work with a company that has dedicated experience with flat roofing. Schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation today to get started.

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