Questions to Ask Your Home Decorator

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Home Improvement

Finding the right interior designer can be a challenging process. There are many things to consider and dozens of questions to ask before choosing the right professional. We’ll look at what you should ask the home decorators in Bethesda, MD who you are considering hiring to revamp your home.

What Is Your Style?

Most decorators will be open to trying various styles, but the truth is that everyone has certain things that inspire them to a higher degree. The best option is to choose a home decorator who offers the same type of style and design that you imagine in your own home. Ask to see examples or even consider paying a visit the decorator’s home or office to get an idea of their personal style.

How Can I Best Communicate My Style?

Excellent home decorators in Bethesda, MD, will know how to guide you toward the style you want. They might ask questions about what is in your home, what kind of art you enjoy, and what is in your closet. They may also have you look through photos to find things that appeal to you. Even if you aren’t sure why you enjoy one item over another, it can give the decorator a lot of insight.

May I See Examples of Work Similar to My Style and Budget?

If the designer answers yes, they are likely skilled enough to handle your project. They may not have exactly the same, but similar enough that you can talk through alterations. You can determine if you have the same vision for your space, which will go a long way.

How Are Services Charges and When Will I Pay?

Most designers will charge on an hourly basis, but some may ask for a percentage in advance. Make sure you receive a written estimate and a schedule for payment. While the designer should provide information if anything begins to take too long, you do have to realize that part of the timeframe depends on you. If you take extra time to make decisions, the project will take longer.

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