Sewer inspections and sewer cleaning

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Home Improvement

Drain and sewer cleaning in Queens are two very different things although they are both problematic and have to be attended to as soon as they occur. In the case of a drain, this can often be handled by the homeowner; rarely is this the case with the sewer, a professional plumber of company that specializes in sewers cleaning must be brought in.

Let’s define the difference between drains and sewers. If you look under any sink or basin in your home you will see a bent piece of drain pipe. In the case of the toilet this curve is actually built into the clay molding before it is fired in the kiln. Regardless, the idea is the same, to keep sewer gas from backing up in the house. These curved pipes remain filled with water after the fixture has been used. If you finish washing the dishes and clean everything up, water is still in the “P” trap.

A sewer on the other hand is where all the waste water and other waste material is taken from all the home drains to the sanitary sewer on the street or to a septic tank located somewhere on the property. In either case, the waste is treated in either the municipal sewage treatment plant or the digestive system of the septic tank.

When the drain slows down or is definitely plugged there are many commercial products that can be poured down the drain to remove the clog which is usually hair, soap scum, food scrapes and other debris. In the case of a plugged toilet, a plunger is usually sufficient to clear the clog. Of course, if these methods do not work, the plumber who does sewer cleaning in Queens is only a phone call away.

If you startled by seeing foul water back up into the bath tub or shower, then you know it is a blockage of the sewer line leading to the street. As the tub and shower drains are at the low point of the drainage system in the house, the foul water will be noticed there before anywhere else.

There is no way that the homeowner can identify where the blockage is nor will they have the specialty tools to inspect the sewer and then clean it. Sewer cleaning in Queens technicians use closed circuit TV to look into the drain and assess the location and the problem before they attempt to clean.

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