Quality Poly Tarps at Competitive Prices

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Home Improvement

What is a poly tarp? A tarp, or tarpaulin, is a large flexible sheet of material intended to shield objects from damage or weather elements. poly tarps are made of plastics or a laminate sheet woven from strips of polyethylene. This creates a material that resists stretching and is waterproof. Tear resistance is determined by the strength of the woven core. Treated against ultraviolet light, poly tarps can last for years when exposed to the extremes of the outdoors.

Tarps are manufactured, or classified, based on the denier. The denier is the thickness of the artificial thread. The denier and the density of the weave determine the strength of the tarp. Traditionally, the color of the tarp was an indication of the grade, but not all manufacturers follow this method. To ensure the tarp meets size and strength requirements, the manufacturer’s specifications should be checked.

Measured in width by length, tarps come in a large selection of sizes. Poly Tarps have two types of measurement. The “Cut Size” is the original material size the manufacturer starts with and then hems the tarp to the final product called the “Finish Size.” The Finish Size will be slightly smaller because of the hemming. In better quality tarps, the edges fold over a rope and are stitched to form a reinforced hem. At the tie down points, inserted grommets help strengthen the cut edges and reinforced corners will help prevent fraying and tearing. Tarps can come in different grade specifications, or strengths, such as light, medium, heavy duty, and industrial or super duty. A good rule of thumb is the square-foot weight. The heavier the weight of the tarp, the stronger it is.

Poly Tarps have many uses such as protection of construction areas and athletic fields, shield damaged roofs and structures after storms, protection for pools, outdoor furniture and grills, car, motorcycle, boat, and RV covers, camping covers, ground and landscape covers, and shade for animals, people, and pets. Tarps have a multitude of purposes, but the main purpose is generally protection from damage caused by exposure to the elements of nature.

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