Selecting the Correct Dumpster for Your Needs

by | May 2, 2013 | Waste & Recycling

For many people, dealing with large scale cleanup projects is very difficult. Obtaining a properly sized dumpster serves to mitigate that problem, but finding a Dumpster Rental company that is easy to work with can be complicated. Service is very important, and while there are some companies that deliver outstanding service, others might not be willing to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

Having different size dumpsters to select from is critical. For example, cleaning up a construction site might require a very large dumpster while yard cleanup might require a much smaller container. A quality Dumpster Rental Putnam County NY provider will offer several sizes to fit most needs. Obviously, paying for a forty yard dumpster is not logical if you only need a ten yard dumpster, but some companies may not offer sufficient options. Select a provider that offers what you need.

All dumpsters are not created equal. There are times when a simple box will not meet your needs. One of the most obvious options is a dumpster that includes a compactor for jobs where high volume but low density materials are being discarded. While it may cost more to secure a dumpster with this option, it may actually be cheaper if more material can be removed while only having to pay for only delivery and pickup.

Prompt service is also critical for many people. Scheduling delivery and removal of a dumpster can affect other activities. If the dumpster will, for example, be blocking a dock during its use, quick delivery and pickup can help to keep shipping and receiving schedules on track. City regulations may also place time limits on when and where dumpsters are used. Providers must be aware of these requirements and work with clients to optimize placement of their dumpsters.

Checking references for Dumpster Rental Putnam County NY providers is always recommended. Companies should be willing to provide references when you request them. It is also a good idea to check for unresolved complaints with local business rating agencies. Verify that your dumpster provider has all necessary insurance and is properly licensed to provide service in your community. That will protect you and give you the peace of mind that you selected the best dumpster provider for your needs.



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