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A clothes dryer, as important as it is to the modern household, is far from being a complicated machine. It is not much more than a drum which is driven to rotate by a motor and a drive mechanism, a source of heat, a blower and a few controls that tell the motor and heat source what to do. Dryer Repair Aurora usually is needed because the heat source malfunctions or the drum fails to rotate.

When you have trouble with your dryer it helps to identify what still works and what doesn’t. For example, does the motor turn but the drum doesn’t? Is there heat, just not enough of it? These hints will give a good indication of what has failed.

Before a discussion on repair is started, perhaps a few pointers on dryer care are in order.

  • The exterior coating of most dryers is synthetic enamel; this finish can be marred if subjected to chlorine bleach, solvents, ammonia or other somewhat harsh chemicals used in the laundry process. Try not to spill these chemicals on the exterior of the dryer or washer, if you do, wipe them off with a paper towel and damp cloth. Do not use the top of the dryer as a work table, if you are removing a stain from clothing prior to washing, do not use the dryer top to work on, use the sink and then flush it with cold water once the treatment is finished.
  • The need for Dryer Repair Aurora is often the fault of not cleaning the lint filter, if the filter is completely blocked, the dryer can be forced to work harder, leading to a failure. Clean the filter after every load, if you are doing a full family wash and you need four dryer loads, then clean the filter four times minimum.
  • Always check the pockets of children’s clothes before you throw them in the dryer, all it takes is one crayon and you will have a mess that will be extremely hard to clean up.

Back to the issue of dryer repair in Aurora;

A dryer that does not heat properly is one of the primary reasons why dryer repairmen are called out. Before you do call for the professional, there are a couple of things you can check which may eliminate the need and the expense.

Some dryers have two circuit breakers or fuses, one for the drive motor, the other for the heating element. Check the breaker, if they are both still in the on position, chances are the element has failed and a service technician will be needed.

If the dryer is putting out heat, just not enough to do the job, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Clean the lint trap
  • Move the dryer off the wall
  • Check the dryer air duct outlet for blockage

The problem is usually one to do with blockage. Outside, it could be plants in front of the outlet, inside it could be lint buildup in the dryer hose or there could be a clog behind the lint filter.

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