Replacing Your Older Thermostat

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Electrical and Electricians

In many of the older houses around the city of Park Ridge you will find that some of them still have old analog thermostats sitting on their walls. In others you will find newer ones of the digital persuasion. In the most recent years there has been the creation of another choice. A mainstream technological wonder that is bringing together both the standard uses of a thermostat and modern day cell technology. A Honeywell Wifi thermostat in Park Ridge is what this is all about. It is a totally connected device that will allow for remote control of your home heating unit.

Remote Controlling Your Heating And Air Conditioning

Do you remember when the remote was created for the television? A whole lot of people do and now with this invention you will be able to remotely control your thermostat from the comfort of your chair without ever having to set one foot near it. This is all accomplished by a small phone application that permits you to use it just like you would use your wall mounted console. This little thing will allow you to set schedules so you can determine when you wanting you heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to kick on. You can also set up alerts so it will inform you when it gets too hot or too cold. You can also monitor your systems away from the house. The power of this tiny thing is amazing but that does not mean that the wall unit is a shabby piece of equipment either.

The Stand Alone Unit Is Great All By Itself

Even without the application to use it the equipment alone is worth the price you pay for it. It has a full color display that gives you all the important information you could want. Straight from the board itself you can control any fan systems you may have to direct the air flow of your system to the rooms that need the most heating or cooling. You can utilize it for either home based systems or if you own a business your company’s heat and cooling elements as well. The display is fully graphical and digital allowing you to see the information clearly. It is very bright so you can use it in a dark room or in the darkness of night time. These are just a few reasons to consider making the upgrade the next time your maintenance man comes around.

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