Refacing Instructions Can Help Make Your Dream Kitchen

by | Aug 8, 2013 | Home Improvement

Custom cabinet doors and up to date refacing supplies makes retaking the facing of any cabinet easy. There are kitchen-refacing videos that can teach you how to make a kitchen-remodeling project a total success. Following refacing instructions, in only a few days, you can transform your old cabinets into your dream kitchen.

Clean all the counter tops off and start removing the doors, drawers, molding and anything else you are replacing. Following refacing instructions if there are any depressions in the original wood frame of the cabinets; fill these in with wood putty, then sand the areas, making surfaces smooth. Clean the wood surfaces with soap and water, and don’t use solvents, as any these will soak into the frame and keep any self-adhesives from sticking.

Apply cabinet glue to the end plywood panels of the cabinets; these should have already been cut to measurements at the hardware supply store where you got your supplies. After making sure all edges are flush at front and bottom, secure these panels with finishing nails and your refacing instructions will also tell you to sand these edges. Check for any areas that might have unfinished wood exposed, then seal with spray varnish or adhesive.

Applying self-adhesive covering to cabinet face frames, your refacing instructions will advise to start with the stiles. Peel back enough backing from the top of the strip to anchor the strip to the face frame. Make sure the top edge of the strip is flush with the top of the stile. Align the strip so that there is an even overlap on both sides of the stile. Then while pressing lightly, smooth downward, and peel off backing as you go. Do this with the rails also. Then you will need to tidy up the overlapping edges with a razor knife and once more sand all edges until they are smooth.

At this part of the project, there should be extensive instructions that come with the new cabinet doors, as well as refacing instructions for the drawers. Follow these instructions and then attach new hardware. At this point in your project, your dream kitchen should be taking shape.


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