Obtain Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa Before Problems Arise

by | Aug 12, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The dog days of summer are heating up, yet many homeowners discover all too late that their air conditioners are on the fritz. Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa is a very popular service at this time of year, and it’s no wonder. However, people can make themselves less likely to be at the mercy of long wait times for service calls if they take a few preventive measures to keep air conditioning equipment running smoothly.

Smart homeowners know to have Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa services done in the spring, before the need arises. Chandler Air Inc. can send a technician out to inspect and service air conditioner systems. This includes all of the components, indoors and outside. All aspects from Freon charge to electrical wiring should be inspected and repaired if need be. Cleaning is also an important part of an AC tune-up, because dirty parts will wear out faster. Filthy filters also decrease the cooling efficiency of the entire system.

A homeowner may receive indications that the AC at home is not doing so well and is in need of service. For instance, the blower may run continuously, but the home is not cooled. This is likely indicative of a coolant leak. Leaks need to be repaired before any more refrigerant is added to the system. The aforementioned dirt may also be a culprit. Maybe the system just isn’t cooling like it used to, and electric bills are much higher than the last cooling season as a result.

Maybe the circuit breaker for the AC is tripped when it comes on and runs for a little bit. Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa can fix these short circuits. It is not a good idea to run a system when it continually has issues with the breaker, as this is indicative of an electrical short. This needs repaired as soon as possible to prevent the risk of fire. Also, check the electrical components in the system for power buttons. Sometimes a button may be turned off for components such as the outdoor compressor.

Using the services of Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa can help to keep a central air conditioner unit running for a long time. The money paid for services is also recouped in better energy efficiency. Schedule service as soon as possible to make sure home stays as comfortable as possible.

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