Points to Consider when designing a Deck

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Landscaping

When designing Ottawa decks there is more to consider than the type of wood and size. Modern decks have a number of new choices for materials, create interesting configurations and add intricate details to create truly exceptional back yard features. Here are some of the points to consider when designing your deck:

1. Materials: You now have a number of choices for the materials used for Ottawa decks. From man made products to pressure treated cedar and interesting details for posts and rails such as steel, aluminum and glass. You can choose the materials based on a number of criteria including durability as well as the right look to complement your home and garden.

2. Function: Before you decide on a design consider how you plan to use your deck. Is it just a transitional area to get from your home down into your garden? Is it a place to sip your morning coffee? Perhaps you do a lot of entertaining. Identifying the function of your deck will help you plan your configuration.

3. Configuration: Modern decks are not constricted to a simple square or rectangular configuration. Many people are looking at more interesting designs that incorporate more curves as well as varying levels and sections. This makes Ottawa decks very customized and suited to the property but also to the needs of the owner. You can look at adding different levels for cooking, relaxing and dining or simply add more interesting stair designs to make the deck less boring.

4. Design Features: Ottawa decks are adding more and more design features such as interesting pergola style “roofs” to combinations of cast iron and wood. Glass is also a perfect choice for railings for decks that require unobstructed views. You can also look at additions such as built in stone fireplaces, roofs, runners for drapes and even built-ins for seating, storage and planters. Some deck designs also include a water feature such as fountains or mounted waterfalls. You can also add living walls to provide a cooling affect on hot summer days.

5. Budget: All of these new options are all well and good but of course will add more money to your project. It is important to set a budget that is within your means and be sure to stick to it. You can make a wish list of your wants and then get a quote to see what is doable and what is beyond your reach.

These considerations will help you plan and design the most effective and attractive deck for your needs and budget. To get more information, visit us.


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