Petsafe Wireless Containment Systems: Main Parts And Working

by | Jun 19, 2012 | Home Improvement

Not many are aware that there has been a slight increase in the number of pet thefts over the past couple of years. This may not be a big issue to worry about for those who do not have any pets at home, but for those who do, there is enough reason to fear a theft. Some go for exotic breeds of dogs or other pets and treasure them as rare members of their families. You may be one of those pet-owners, who, in order to get a dog of a superior breed, have parted with a sizeable portion of their savings. Primarily, the security of these loving members of your family is the very first concern that arises in your mind.

Petsafe wireless containment systems are one of the best tools that ensure the safety of your pet dog or cat. Every domesticated animal roams around freely inside and around the home. And many a times, they tend to  drift into the neighborhood, increasing their chances of getting lost. In terms of pet containment, invisible dog fencing systems are the best tools that ensure complete safety of these innocent beings. These systems use wireless signal transmission to monitor and control the movements of the dog or cat in your house.

Main Parts And Their Working

Every petsafe wireless containment system is made up of three very important system constituents. These are transmitters, receivers, and trainers. Here, is a quick look at the working and functionality of each type of system constituent.

Transmitters: These transmitters are designed  to operate within an optimum zonal range in which the pet is expected to move about. You must remember that there are wireless containment systems which have provision of around 5,000 settings to suit any kind of pet. The transmitters are the parts which help owners regulate these settings. These are centrally placed in the house or at a corner of the garden, and emit AM or FM radio waves to signal to a remote receiver.

Receivers: The receivers are placed in the collar of the dog or pet animal and are designed to indicate or relay the signals provided by the transmitter. It is designed to support beeps, tap and vibration modes of alerting the dog. The dog recognizes the signal transmitted through its collar and becomes alert regarding the territory that it is moving into.

Trainers: These are hand-held remote control devices that are used to impart specific instructions to the dog. This enables the owner to control unruly behavior and also elicit the best mannerisms from the animal using radio signals.

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