Exterior Siding Selections

by | Jun 21, 2012 | Home Improvement

The appearance of your home is mostly impacted by the exterior siding that you decide to use. When shopping for siding, choose a material that best fits the style of your home as well as your lifestyle. There might seem like an endless list of colors and different materials, and it could get overwhelming. An overview different siding options could be helpful.

Stucco, stone veneer, fiber cement, brick

A traditional stucco siding is cement mixed with water and other materials such as sand and lime. Many homes built used a variety of artificial materials that resemble stucco. Various synthetic stucco have been subject to problems, but quality synthetic stucco will be reliable. Stone veneer siding is precast and more affordable than actual granite, limestone, or other types of stone. There are some genuine looking stone veneers, while others look too artificial. Fiber cement siding is made to look like wood, stucco, or masonry. It’s durable and it provides a natural look without the maintenance. Fiber cement siding is termite and fire proof, and can have up to 50 years of warranty. Brick is made of fired clay and comes in a variety of colors. Brick is expensive, but is also extremely durable, lasting centuries. Brick veneers are durable and however they don’t have the lifespan of solid brick.

Wood clapboard, cedar shingles, composite wood

Solid wood clapboard siding is a favorite choice for some. These can be made of cedar, pine, spruce, and redwood, among others. Wood clapboards can be stained to keep the organic and beautiful look of the wood. Cedar shingle siding is also a natural choice. These shingles are usually stained earth colors such as browns or grays. Cedar shingles offer the natural wood look but require far less maintenance than clapboard. Composite wood siding, which is engineered wood, is made with real wood products and other various materials. Composite wood is paneled and inexpensive to install, and may be crafted to the look of conventional clapboards.

Seamless steel, aluminum steel, vinyl, vinyl coating

Siding made of seamless steel is very durable, and does not shrink or bulge with temperature variations. Steel siding is custom fit to the measurement of your home, and can be made with a wood-look texture. Aluminum siding is an option as well. It is easy to maintain and reasonably resilient. A downside is that aluminum can dent and fade. Vinyl siding is fashioned from a polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC). Vinyl siding is less expensive than most siding materials, and unlike wood it won’t rot. Vinyl can crack or fade over time though. A vinyl coating is also an option for siding material. It is a spray on liquid PVC coating. It has only been widely available for a short time, and it has varied reviews. If the application is not done right the results can be devastating.


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