Keep Your Home Safe with Bat Removal in Dublin OH

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Home and Garden

Finding a bat in the home can be a frightening experience, especially for those afraid of these little creatures. Although there is a possibility the little guy just sneaked his way in the home when a door or window was open, it is often more likely that he is part of a larger colony nesting somewhere in the home. At the first sign of a bat in the home, even if it was chased out, it is important to contact professionals experienced in bat removal in Dublin OH to ensure there is not a larger problem.


Bats are small, winged mammals. The only mammals, in fact, capable of true flight. Bats are often nocturnal and can be very beneficial to the environment and plant life. Bats aid in pollination and seed disbursement. They also are known for eating insects that can damage crops and spread disease. However, bats can also pose serious risks to humans and should be kept out of the home. Bat removal in Dublin OH is necessary for preventing these risks.

Health risks

Bats are normally shy and docile creatures. They do not attack humans and often do their best to avoid them. However, just as any animal would, if they feel threatened by a person or pet, they may bite to protect themselves. These bites can carry diseases, such as rabies. Also, their droppings can contain a fungus that can cause Histoplasmosis in humans.


If a bat is seen in the home, there is a high risk that they are part of a colony in the walls, attic, or chimney of the home. The best and safest option is not to attempt to remove these critters one’s self. A professional pest control company is experienced in the safe removal of these animals. They understand their habits and can remove them without harming the animal or themselves in the process. The team can also assist in preventing these animals from returning.

Bats and other critters that invade a person’s home can be very bothersome for homeowners. Fortunately, companies, such as the wildlife control company, offer services and assistance in removing bats and various other types of rodents from the home to keep a safe and comfortable environment for homeowners and their families.

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