Ionizers versus Pool Salt Chlorinators

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What is a Pool Salt Chlorinator?

As consumers become more aware of the dangers of chlorine, many are looking for different water treatment options for their residential pools. Lately, two options have been getting more attention than others:

  • Ionizer treated pools
  • Saltwater pools

Saltwater pools use a pool salt chlorinator to transform salt into naturally generated chlorine. Consumers are attracted to this based on the promise that the chlorine generated from is a natural byproduct after the electrolysis of salt, as opposed to a manufactured chemical.

Saltwater pools claim to eliminate the need to use harsh chemicals in the water, thus enhancing the swimming experience. In truth, because saltwater pools are not chlorine free, swimmers are still being exposed to the chemical.

How is Ionization Different?
Ionization is a process where pool water flows through an ionizer with electrodes that release copper and silver ions into the pool water. There is no risk of electric shock: the current is merely responsible for rubbing the ions of the copper and silver wires to produce positive ions, thus “ionization.”

There are little to no chemicals required to further sanitize the water in your pool. With ionization, as opposed to when you use a pool salt chlorinator, you are swimming in water that has been treated naturally with a sanitation process similar to that of a mineral hot spring.

Which is More Effective for Sanitation?
Although saltwater treatment can inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria, it does not truly kill microorganisms. You will still need to purchase algaecides and shock the pool weekly to control algae.

Ionization is more effective at sanitation than a pool salt chlorinator’s treatment for two reasons:

  1. Copper ions have been proven to effectively kill algae by bonding with a microorganism’s cell walls. In processes that are invisible to the human eye, the copper ions bind to the walls of pool algae and stop the cell’s ability to use photosynthesis. In short, copper ions can effectively starve algae to death.
  2. Silver ions were used by NASA to purify water in space. Historic practices for silver’s use in sanitation have been proven by science, and silver ions have been approved for use in killing viruses and bacteria in water.

Conclusions on Pool Salt Chlorinators
If you are trying to avoid chlorine, then the obvious poor choice would be to use a pool salt chlorinator. Even though the pools are called “saltwater pools,” the salt is only present in the first part of the process. Salt is, ultimately, broken down by the machine in order to create “safer” chlorine for the water.

For a true chlorine-free experience, contact MineralPure today to see if an ionized treatment system will fit the needs of your family.

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