How to Eradicate Carpenter Ant in Minneapolis

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Carpenter ants are big ants found in different parts of the world. They build nests in damp woods; unlike termites they do not feed on wood. They reside both in the indoors and outdoors, in decaying, moist woods. As pests, carpenter ants tend to harm woods used during the construction of buildings. The dead tree limbs, posts, logs, countryside timbers and wood used in residences and other constructions are hollowed out by these Carpenter ants. Distinct to the termite feeding the galleries created by these carpenter ants are smooth with mud bundled around the hollowed out area.

Getting rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants leave behind a trail of frass, sawdust- like material, which leads to the nesting location. They can be eliminated or treated chemically and the damp conditions that were conducive for the ants should be corrected. Carpenter ants rarely cause severe structural damage to the buildings, but could cause intense damage, if left undiscovered for a long period. It is best to contact a Carpenter Ant Exterminator in Minneapolis who is specialized in the incident of an infestation. If the right measures are not taken to stop the infestation, the surviving members of the any family could resume its tunneling and foraging.

Carpenter Ants Control

If the colony isn’t large, you should spray aerosol pesticides on the nest entrance and Boric Acid or Terro also known as sweet baits, can be placed close to the nest to get rid of the carpenter ants. This step could take care of the problem, but ants inside the nest can survive for quite a few months without nourishing, and aerosol spraying may not reach within the corners of the nest to exterminate them completely.

The alternative method would be to drill holes in the walls. By doing so, you can then clean and spray with ant killer. If you observe a large amount of winged ants in doing so, then the possibility of having a larger any colony is large, which indicates that there are more colonies in the house. Since drilling the entire house in the process of destroying the nests is not a feasible option, the best solution would be to get help of the Carpenter Ant exterminator in Minneapolis.

Some insecticides, transfer liquid insecticides do not kill insects immediately, but transfer it to the other members of the colony. Such insecticides can only be used outside the home. They can be used for treating the tracks and entrance points, where these ants penetrate the home, so it may be useful for some carpenter ant infestations. It should be used twice a year in proper manner avoiding the uneven treatment.

There are several methods to treat Carpenter ants extermination. A professional Carpenter Ant exterminator in Minneapolis would examine the house thoroughly, in order to treat the infestation correctly.

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